Tips & Tricks

Using Video to Promote your Business

These days, you may have noticed a shift in online content toward less talk and more media.  Gone are the days of consumers visiting a website and reading all those carefully written paragraphs to learn about a company. While text is still an important aspect of reaching prospective clients and educating them about what you have to offer, too much text without interactive content can lead to less time spent on your site. Consumers want to click on a website and get a feel for a company with a crafty balance of text, photos, or videos that hold their attention and represent a business in the most professional way.

If you are considering videos to promote your business, here are a fewthings to consider:

1. Your video should demonstrate what sets you apart from your competitors.

  • Don’t let it be a list of everything you offer that is the same as what everyone else in your industry offers.  If you are a medical office,for instance, maybe you are the only one in the area to offer complimentary medicine on site.  Maybe your office received an award for “being green.” Remember, focus on why you are unique.

2. Quality or Quantity.  Sure, there are smartphones outfitted with 1080p, but does this mean you can create professional quality videos with yourphone?

  • There is no substitute for the best sound and video equipment, carefully chosen backgrounds, lighting, and editors who are skilled enough to make you look your best.  Some cost-saving solutions can be costly in the longrun.

3. Your video should address the needs of your potential clients…not your needs.

  • Approach your videos in a way that targets the metaphorical “man from Mars” and make sure that he understands your business at the end of the clip. Too much industry specific terminology and a lengthy list of your qualifications might seem like necessary information but, depending on the services you offer, may not be as important as what you can offer your clients.

We’d like to hear from you about how you’ve used video to promote your business.  What worked?  What has the response been?