Reach Out with The Committee of 200

Queens College, NY – Ambitious young women filled the lecture hall for The Committee of 200’s popular Reachout program, which took place on October 27, 2013. The Committee of 200 consists of many successful women corporate leaders and entrepreneurs who organize to share their expertise with young women studying for their careers in business. DePalma Productions was on-site to produce a segment that would properly represent the committee’s goal to “foster, celebrate, and support businesswomen’s leadership, globally, for the future,” as described by, Larraine Segil, Foundation Chair.

DePalma Production’s crews used two Canon 5D cameras and one Panasonic AF100 to capture multiple angles during the conference and each interview segment. One camera was set on a slider, while the other cameras were arranged for close-ups and wide-angle shots.


Our lead editor, Alex Skop, sorted through all the incredible footage and put together a three and a half minute final piece for C200. The video combines interviews and conference footage to comprehensively depict the C200 Reachout program, while maintaining the highest standard of video production. As C200 continues to inspire young women around the country, DePalma Productions looks forward to helping their cause through powerful video solutions.