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The Challenges of Medical Video Production


At DePalma Productions, we have more than two decades of experience in medical video production. Like the medical profession itself, this type of video production is a combination of scientific techniques and creative art. And, it’s critical that the final product is accurate, understandable and unforgettable. On top of those challenges, medical shoots in both the home and hospital present a plethora of difficult challenges. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced team of professionals.

Hospitals have a lot of strict regulations and policies, so we make sure to know and follow their protocols at all times. Most hospitals have a specific certification program that each crew member must go through and provide documentation of completing. Specific vaccinations are also required by many hospitals to enter and work alongside the surgical staff in their operating rooms.


But, the challenges don’t stop there. These shoots can be extremely tight on space, highly graphic and on many occasions there is no time for breaks. Once scrubbed in, the crew can not leave the room and these shoots can be over nine hours long! In addition, there can be issues with both patient and doctor consent, as well as unexpected emergency situations. We’ve seen and solved it all.

Whether covering a surgery in an operating room, or shooting a day-in-the-life of a patient at home, a high level of sensitivity and responsibility is required. The priority is to make sure the patient and their families are comfortable.


From live surgeries to patient and doctor interviews, medical shoots are some of the most challenging projects we’ve encountered. But, after two decades of experience, we can also say they are some of the most fascinating and rewarding.