“As a video department of one, our in-house video production can be great for training videos or smaller projects, but when we want to raise the bar in terms of quality and scale we call DePalma Productions. Since 2014, we’ve been using their crews to shoot engaging customer stories, stunning commercials, and full service event coverage. They’ve always been flexible with our needs and it’s a real treat to plan through and produce projects with them. They are the only production company in the NYC area that we trust, and I have and will continue to recommend them for anyone looking for high-quality work.”Mike Mehlhorn, Multimedia Producer, Conductor
“As a Producer, I have worked with DePalma Production’s camera crews for the past 8 years with various TV Networks. They are extremely client focused and easy to work with on creative direction. During my time with ExecSense we have our own studio but have to outsource editing assignments from time to time. Not only can DePalma Productions deliver in the field, but also in post-production. They are very attentive to every detail in the frame and with their creativity they added production value to several of our marketing videos.”Derek Ingber, Senior Video Producer/Managing Editor
As a producer that is based outside of New York it is great to know that I have a reliable production company that can handle more than just a camera crew. One of my clients, Caleres, recently had a town hall meeting that we needed to websteam at two of their New York offices from Missouri. The DePalma Productions team came in and set up all of the necessary equipment at both locations which included two 90″ monitor and the webstreaming computer system. The project went without a hitch thanks to the knowledge and reliability of the DePalma Productions team.Susan Barron, Senior Producer at Image Technologies Corporation
When we needed to hire a production company to work with one of our most prestigious clients, a Big Four international professional services firm, we had to make sure we could rely on them to represent Knowledge Launch’s high standards of excellence. Ultimately, it’s our reputation that’s on the line with the client. Not only does DePalma Productions handle all of our production and post-production needs efficiently and effectively, but early on in our twelve-year relationship we discovered a hidden bonus: we could completely trust them to interact directly with our clients’ most senior executives on all aspects of the project. It’s not something we typically allow with our other vendors, but we have the utmost confidence in DePalma Production’s ability to communicate in the professional and friendly manner necessary to keep things moving along smoothly. It has been a pleasure to work with them not only because they make us look good to our clients, but also because it’s nice to work with a group of people who are aspersonable as they are professional. John Tolsma, President Knowledge Launch
As a non-profit, we are devoted to our mission and always look for this same level of commitment and dedication in the companies with which we partner. From the moment we had our initial meeting with DePalma Productions we could sense a kindred spirit.
While it was clear that Robert and his team were passionate about their work, we were duly impressed by their obvious and genuine interest in ours. We knew this sentiment would translate into powerful end products that would successfully help us bring attention to our campaign to eliminate blindness due to cataract worldwide.
From their seamless technical integration of our existing footage with the exceptional new interviews they shot for us, to the guidance and advice they provided along the way, we have had a great relationship from the start-and we look forward to working on more projects together in the future.Mohan Thazhathu, President and CEO HelpMeSee
In the five years we have worked with DePalma Productions to create high-quality video messaged, their ability to meet our needs and the high standards we set for our production and the respect they consistently show our personnel and property– particularly when filming our corporate leaders often in the midst of historic relics in our museum facility– has been appreciated. Yale Badik, Special Assistant to Supreme Knight Communications and Special Projects
We have been working with DePalma Productions for well over three years now and will be happy to recommend their services for video production. Steve HeldmannDirector, Media Production