Teleprompter Services

Many of our clients prefer the luxury of not having to memorize a long script. A teleprompter can be the solution. Whether it’s one person reading directly to camera or multiple people engaging in a scripted dialogue, our operators are ready to provide prompter solutions with one or more monitors.

Need to make edits on the fly? Not a problem. With our broadcast teleprompter software we can easily make edits as needed.

Also available is our iPad teleprompter kit. This is often used in order to maintain mobilty. For example, an iPad teleprompter can be attached to a camera on a steady-cam rig or dolly mount. An iPad teleprompter is a smaller, more affordable alternative to traditional teleprompters.

If you have any questions regarding what a particular job might entail, please call us at 914-576-3500 or visit our Contact Page. We’re happy to help.