Taking Video to New Heights…Literally

New Rochelle, NY – Just because the DePalma Production team worked hard all summer, doesn’t mean we didn’t have any fun. When our team is not on set, one of our favorite hobbies is experimenting with new video technology. This year we took advantage of the warm weather and played with our newest gadget, the aerial quad-copter. Jay, one of our DPs, is also a serious copter hobbyist, and now has well over 600 hours of flight time. By attaching the new GoPro Hero 4 to the quad-copter, we were able to get 4K quality footage at 30p. We captured some amazing shots that would otherwise be impossible without a helicopter. It’s easy to see how this birds-eye view is taking the video industry by storm.


Check out the video below to see what we’ve been up to after hours!