Medical video production is our specialty. For more than two decades, DePalma Productions has successfully delivered on the complex video needs of the health-care industry.

From live surgeries to patient interviews to video production for doctors, DePalma Productions knows how to carry your unique messages to this specialized audience. We can even help you incorporate video into live presentations, by making something complicated – simple.

Medical video production in New York can be complicated. There are a lot of rules and regulations. Our crew members have the necessary medical certification required by many hospitals to enter and work alongside the surgical staff in their operating rooms.

And, we understand the marketing restrictions and strong adherence to brand guidelines involved with medical media production.

Some of the services we offer for medical video production include:

– On-location Shooting- From tours of medical facilities to demonstrations of new equipment to actual medical procedures, we have the experience and credentials to take your audience into the action.
– Voiceovers- We will cast the perfect voice or spokesperson to deliver your message.
– In-Studio Filming
– Scriptwriting
– Green Screen Technology

If you’re looking to do medical video production in New York or the surrounding region, you can trust the experience and technology of DePalma Productions.