Sephora: All Made Up

Sephora remains one of the largest make-up and cosmetics stores in the world. Thus, it’s easy to imagine the challenge Sephora faces when trying to deliver a global message to all of their employees. Like most other modern Fortune 500 companies, Sephora turned to the ability of video production in order to achieve the massive outreach necessary for their company. Once again, DePalma Productions has been called upon to work with Sephora in order to craft this video.

Our team worked with Sephora on the script, directing cast members(Sephora’s Sales Associates), and editing the final product. It was clear that Sephora needed more than a film crew for this segment and we were able to provide them with pre and post-production support. The intention was to engage employees with the energy of Sephora’s management team and to encourage company etiquette at stores around the world. In order to do this, we used the power of satire by depicting a misguided staff through the art of sketch-comedy. The result was an informational, engaging video. In order not to disrupt any ongoing business at Sephora’s busiest Manhattan location, the shoot required a minimalist strategy. Our crew was able to accomplish this, without sacrificing quality, by using one Panasonic AF100 with prime lenses, a standard sound kit, and battery powered 1X1 light panels, thus limiting our footprint during busy shopping hours. It was great working with Sephora for the second time on their annual in-house video production, and we look forward to next year!