Raising Awareness With The Knights of Columbus

New Haven, Connecticut – DePalma Productions has just wrapped production on a series of videos for The Knights of Columbus. The Knights of Columbus is a faith based organization which advocates support for many social issues including food for the hungry, clothes for the homeless, and improving maternity care, to name a few.



In order to raise awareness for their cause, our team produced a video marketing campaign that would appeal to the 1.8 million members worldwide. The segments were shot in many different languages, allowing the KoC to provide videos for members in their native tongue. Taking that extra step ensured that every member not only received, but also understood the message.


Video production is the most effective tool to advance a new initiative or gain support for a charity. When used correctly, video can make the difference in donations, involvement, and general awareness of a cause. It provides the opportunity for your audience to understand what your particular foundation is trying to achieve. Our video collaborations with The Knights of Columbus have done just that, making for an ongoing successful campaign.