Presenting IBM’s Cloud Based Software With Centerline Digital


The Background:

Somers, New York – DePalma Productions was hired by Centerline Digital in order to help create a video for IBM. The project’s specs included a large format stage presentation to promote their cloud software. IBM’s cloud software currently powers 270,000 more websites than popular competitors such as Amazon. However, their work is far from over. In this fast moving, competitive world, IBM knows they need to constantly engage and educate consumers about their products. That’s why they put a great deal of consideration into their video campaigns. Technology giants, like IBM, know that the best way to increase awareness and sales is with high quality video production; and that’s where Centerline and DePalma Productions come in.



The Set:

The production consisted of several IBM employees and cloud computing experts delivering individual keynote speeches about the software. Each keynote address was delivered on a huge stage, in front of a 30ft green screen. This was used so that editors could add animations to each presentation during post-production. Using advanced technology in the form of digital animation is an especially effective way for IBM to stand out and compliment their ideas with exciting visuals.

The Technical:

The content was all captured using three Sony F3 cameras, and one Arri Alexa. The Arriflex Alexa, a lighter yet technologically advanced camera, was used on an 18ft jib, which floated high above the stage. One F3 was configured on a dolly, which tracked each speaker as they moved. The other two Sony F3 cameras were used for static shots: one wide angle, and one close up. By using multiple camera angles, we were able to provide the project editor with a wide variety of content.


It’s always gratifying to work with companies like Centerline because, along with their creative genius, they understand the importance of delivering quality video. Our mindset is always to expand cinematic possibilities in order to help our clients reach their goals. IBM’s new cloud campaign is a global success and we’re excited to be a part of building its awareness.