The key to successful content requires a strong start. This involves organization, collaboration, and a clear vision.
DISTRIBUTION & METRICS The approved content is then distributed across various platforms. Results are analyzed for success and the approach is adjusted as needed based on the original goals. CONTENT CREATION A highly skilled production crew and team of editors/animators successfully execute the vision. CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT Through scripting, storyboarding, and creative insight, your story brand is created. RESEARCH TARGET AUDIENCES &COMPETITORS Data analysis of your existing plan coupled with the current market research will help to reshape the approach to target a specific audience for the project ESTABLISH GOALS & SET CLEAR MESSAGES A consulting team works with you on the overall vision, establishing clear goals that will give the project direction The focus will be on core messages that will stay in line with your brand

Setting Clear Goals

It is extremely important to set goals. This is always the first step in any project because it allows for a smooth process going forward. Having this guide will allow everyone to be on the same page regarding the vision of the final product. This way the client can feel confident through the duration of our time together in that the vision will be met.


We will come together to discuss what materials, resources, and locations are necessary for the shoot. We are here to ease the process of pre-production, because we have access to a plethora of resources to meet your needs.

Project Review

This step involves planning meetings and shoot dates throughout the process to review progress and make sure that it is in line with the vision.


We will do the casting! Once we know the end goal and vision, we have the ability to find the best actors and actresses to tell your story.

Set Design

We will design a set to your liking. We have a great team of design artists who can turn an office space into a trendy restaurant.

Location Scouting

Here in New York, there are many options for different locations within a reasonable distance. From deep within the concrete jungle to deep within the woods of Connecticut. We want to find the right place to make your vision become a reality.