Microsoft Unveils First NYC Store at Crossroads of the World

Times Square, with its legendary ball drop and party atmosphere, is known the world
over as the place where each New Year is officially launched – a perfect setting for
Microsoft to ‘launch’ its very first NYC location. DePalma Productions and our onsite
editor were there to film the big reveal and create an in-store video segment of this
exciting event to be shown in Microsoft retail locations nationwide.

Using four Canon 5D Mark II cameras strategically positioned around Times Square
(located on both rooftops and hydraulic lifts) and managing the challenge of a large
and energized crowd, DePalma Productions successfully captured every minute of
the launch. From the literal countdown, to the excitement of the actual reveal, to
Microsoft taking over dozens of video screens all over Times Square proudly displaying
its ubiquitous logo, Windows 8, Surface, and more, DePalma Productions delivered a
dynamic end-product that was the next best thing to being there.