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Lights, Camera, LIVE: Setting Up For LIVE Streaming and Events

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If you’re looking to connect and interact with viewers in real time, LIVE Web Streaming may be something to strongly consider.

We provide single and multi-camera, live streaming production services and consulting for a variety of events- everything from town halls meetings to product launch events. Recently, we helped the National Black Leadership Commission on AIDS (NBLCA) do a LIVE Stream on the State of HIV in Black America.

What kind of equipment do we suggest and utilize to make a LIVE Stream like this one successful?

1) Single Broadcast Camera- For this project, we used a broadcast camera with an ENG lens. Why? During a live event, you need to zoom in and out frequently without the hesitation and inconsistent speed of a manual lens. This lens is the best choice for that result.

2) On-Board Digital Recording- Why do we choose to record at the source? Simply put, recording on the streaming feed compresses the video and cuts down on the quality. Then the higher quality footage you record straight from the camera can be repurposed for other projects, increasing the value of your services for the client.

3) Switcher- Most of our clients have other media to cut to during a LIVE Stream…tweets, a presentation, maybe even a pre-recorded segment. With the help of the switcher, we can incorporate any media that the client wants, including a pre-show or intermission slate with music.

4) Streaming Equipment and Going LIVE- Once we have a video source, it’s fed to hardware and/or software that encodes the video and sends it to the web. This is done by using an encoder box like BlackMagic and software such as Wirecast, Livestream and Ustream, to name a few. It’s important to find a good, reliable live streaming hosting service so that the content can be “published” and broadcasted to your audience. A quick search on the web can yield the pros and cons of various hosting platforms.

Regardless of which type of event you want to stream, it’s critical to have a scouting day before the event. This allows us to check the internet speed and consistency, dimensions of the room, test the streaming setup and prepare for any potential mishaps.

With a new, on-demand world, viewers want their content as soon as it’s available, and wherever they are. They can watch and even interact using their desktops, laptops, tablet and smart phones, and attend the event virtually. When it needs to live and not a minute later, live streaming is the solution.