Improving Client Experience With Decimator MD-HX

We love gadgets, especially when they help us better communicate with our clients. The Decimator MD-HX is one of those invaluable tools that improve the client experience, makes our work more efficient and creates a better final product.

So, what exactly is the Decimator MD-HX? This small, independent device has capabilities usually reserved for a computer controlled converter. The MD-HX features both an HDMI and a 3G-SDI input, and can cross convert either signal to the other. It also has a built-in scaler and frame rate converter as well, allowing you to convert the input signal to your required output standard. This is a small but mighty tool in our arsenal!

Even if you can’t fully grasp the technical capabilities of the Decimator MD-HX, it’s important to understand the incredible benefits of this tool.

First off, the Decimator MD-HX makes our crew’s job more efficient because it allows for up to 4 cameras to be fed into a large monitor. This eliminates the need for multiple monitors or the need for the traditional video village, and saves us time when it comes to setup and breakdown.

This also creates a sleek, clean presentation for our clients. In the past, clients would need to walk from camera to camera at shoots and view each individual monitor to approve the shot. That can become exhausting and confusing for our clients. Thanks to the Decimator MD-HX, our clients can now see all of the shots on a 40″, 55″ or larger monitor, and easily decide if any changes need to be made.

The small gadget is a great tool to have for every multi-camera project and it’s one we are happy to be able to offer our clients.