IBM Execs Add Comedy To Their Resume


Somers, New York – DePalma Productions teamed up with IBM again this month on a new creative project.  We produced, directed, and shot a series of sketches in which IBM wished to portray a farcical office environment that would be equally informative and humorous. Therefore, three satirical screenplays were developed where IBM executives played ironic characters. This is a technique often employed by large companies because many believe that humor, more than any other genre, is most likely to capture a viewer’s attention.



Employees often enjoy when company executives are able to laugh at themselves. It shows humility and a sense of self-awareness that most people appreciate. The executives at IBM are smart, creative people who understand the power of portraying humor through video production. Whether the content is funny or purely information based, there is never a better way to send a company message than through video production.


All three sketches required careful scheduling and execution, especially having to optimize each executive’s time. With multiple locations to light and design, the team worked hard, under a tight time constraint to make it a very successful campaign.