DePalma Productions is working on Calvary Hospital’s annual fundraising video

Calvary Hospital is an acute care specialty hospital exclusively offering palliative care for advanced cancer patients in the United States. Since 2007, when Calvary Hospital first decided to express their mission of hope and promise through the use of digital media they turned to DePalma Productions, and we have partnered with them ever since. The services provided made it possible for Calvary Hospitals’ vision, developments, and ideas for the future to be presented at their annual Fundraiser Dinner. DePalma Productions also works hand-in-hand with Calvary Hospital on its’ educational events, preserving the message of each lesson for future reference. DePalma Productions provides the comfort of knowing that the moments will be captured, so a client, as compassionate as Calvary Hospital, can focus on their commitment to their vocation where life continues. Owner and operator, Robert DePalma, adds, “The Calvary fundraiser video in particular, is one of the most rewarding projects that we work on throughout the year.”