Once the final product is complete, the key is placement and consistency. We are here to consult so that you can reach your target audiences and maintain your image
DISTRIBUTION & METRICS The approved content is then distributed across various platforms. Results are analyzed for success and the approach is adjusted as needed based on the original goals. CONTENT CREATION A highly skilled production crew and team of editors/animators successfully execute the vision. CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT Through scripting, storyboarding, and creative insight, your story brand is created. RESEARCH TARGET AUDIENCES &COMPETITORS Data analysis of your existing plan coupled with the current market research will help to reshape the approach to target a specific audience for the project ESTABLISH GOALS & SET CLEAR MESSAGES A consulting team works with you on the overall vision, establishing clear goals that will give the project direction The focus will be on core messages that will stay in line with your brand

Marketing Strategy

Every method of distribution needs to be thought over first. The best campaigns are those that are planned. It is important to gather information on target audiences and how they consume media in order to make sure that your content reaches the desired audience.


A website is the backbone of your company. When someone comes across your homepage you want to draw them in, and have them curious about exploring the entire site. A great way to do this is through high definition videos and quality pictures that compliment any other information on the website. We want to help your website reach its fullest potential by incorporating amazing content.

Social Media

Social Media is the new communication tool of the 21st century, and there are multiple platforms that can be used to reach a wide audience. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube are a few of the most popular interfaces used by companies, businesses, influencers, and viewers everywhere. So we want to make sure your messages are received in a straightforward manner while also making an impression on whoever comes across them. The means to communicate these messages comes in the form of content. When we say content we are referring to anything that provides a visual experience. We want to make the best videos and provide the finest array of pictures for a post, or a story that will capture the attention of your desired audience.

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Video Email

The best way to engage a prospective customer is through a visual and auditory experience. This doesn’t just inform, but it involved and expands the person and his boundaries. This will evoke a feeling and a connection to your message, that will be less likely to be forgotten. Lengthy emails, and long posts just simply don’t do the trick anymore.