Bloomberg Takes the Nissan Test Drive

“It’s really a pleasurable ride,” proclaimed New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, when asked about the newly released Nissan Leaf taxi-cab. Bloomberg had just finished his first test ride of the vehicle and DePalma Productions was on site to cover the event. This recently revealed electrically powered taxi will be the first of its kind on New York City streets. The moment is a significant one for New York as it symbolizes the joint effort of both Nissan and the City of New York working together in order to decrease carbon emission levels and decrease a dependency on natural gas.


In order to cover this event, three GoPros and one XDCAM were used. Each GoPro was strategically placed on the exterior of the vehicle in order to capture various angles of the Nissan while it was being driven through the city streets and over the many iconic bridges that connect New York City. The crew was then able to control and monitor the GoPros, in real-time, by using an app on their smartphones. This technique was extremely effective in capturing high-quality video of the brand new taxi while it was in action. As always, it was great to work hand-in-hand with the Nissan team, especially in the spirit of the Leaf and the promise that the car will inspire growth in the renewable energy industry.