Video Uses in 2017…Beyond Marketing


Video. It’s the biggest buzz word for 2017 marketing strategies. From social media to email campaigns to website landing pages, we know it’s all about the power of video. But, videos are extremely useful in many other business units.

Think about it. The same benefits of video used to attract and engage customers can be used for employees, too. Imagine how video could be used to enhance internal meetings, webinars and employee trainings Companies should be looking at the big picture and creating a business-wide video program. Here are the top ways…aside from marketing…we think video can really impact your business in a positive way:

Internal Communications

Most companies record important internal events, but the use of that video ends there. If you post the video on an intranet site, chances are you employees won’t watch it. So, what can you do? Upload your video to a branded player to increase interest and viewership. The best part about that is you can use video analytics to see how many people watched; if, when, and where they dropped off; and event which specific employees watched it. This means you can improve your future videos and even reward employees who are taking the initiative. Click here to see how we’ve helped other clients with their major events.

HR and Recruitment

Did you know job posts get 36% more applications if accompanied by a recruiting video? HR is often overlooked when it comes to video. You want to recruit the best employees, right? Well, you can develop personalized recruiting videos that gets the top talent excited to work for you company. You can also educate new employees using a video instead of a boring PowerPoint. And, like we mentioned earlier, you can keep track of who actually watched the videos and what parts of the videos they engage with the most.

Training and Education

Training — the no brainer of business video. If your team is all over the country, state, or world — expert videos for sales support can fire them up at once. Or save thousands of dollars with post sale support and maintenance videos.

Video is also very effective when it comes to any certification programs you might need to do for your team. Again, you can easily keep track of who actually completed the program.

Customer Service

Marketing is only half the battle. You need to keep customers happy. You can work with your customer service team to create videos for FAQs. Instead of answering ticket after ticket, support team members can simply send over the video. Best of all, you can track if users watch, and when they stop watching. If the user calls back, the customer service team can direct them to a specific point in the video or event go LIVE with the customer to help they virtually resolve the issue.

The power of video can be used in almost every aspect of your business. If you’re struggling to find a solution to a problem, video may be the answer. Want to brainstorm with us? We offer full script to screen development. Click here to learn more.

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