Digital Video Is The Smart Super Bowl Play

Most brands don’t have the budget for a 30-second Super Bowl television ad. The spot can cost upward of $5 million. And, there’s no guarantee it’ll be a hit.A Stanford study found that brands who advertise during the big game see an ROI of between 150% to 170% in the eight weeks following the game IF their competitor doesn’t advertise. But, if there competitor does run a Super Bowl ad, there’s no benefit.And don’t think humor will guarantee an ad the win. The Science of Sharing white paper reported that only 10% of viewers even thought last year’s ads were funny.So, how can you get a piece of the Super Bowl pie without the risk and cost? Digital video.Let’s take a walk down memory lane:

  • In 2015, a Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars game streamed on Yahoo had 15.2 million unique viewers. Last year, l, CBS set a new streaming record with an average of 1.4 million viewers per minute.
  • This season, Twitter debuted its Thursday Night Football package, drawing upward of 3 million viewers per game.
  • All along, advertising during the Super Bowl broadcast is becoming an increasingly high-risk proposition for brands, with an asking price for a 30-second Super Bowl television ad upward of $5 million.

16% of people plan to watch the Super Bowl online. That number goes up to 23% of fans when you look specifically at the younger demographic. So, how can you tap into this growing digital audience?

Think Local

Fox is working with more than 170 local affiliates to dynamically insert local ads into the online live stream of the game. The broadcaster will also be selling online streaming-only ads for $700,000 per 30 seconds. For just $160,000, advertisers can takeover a homepage of a website with their digital ad. Or, brands can consider a sponsored video on a popular site like BuzzFeed for $254,500.

These are all great options for large companies looking to boost their Super Bowl TV ad or select a digital option. But, these options still might not be affordable for smaller companies.

Stick to Social

Social media may be that more affordable option.

Instagram recently introduced it’s Stories feature, which has proven popular and allows users to upload videos in real-time. And, Facebook LIVE is really picking up steam. And, both are totally free.

Perhaps one of the most brilliant Super Bowl social media campaigns is the “SMunday” petition from Heinz. Heinz launched a petition to get the Monday after the Super Bowl designated as a national holiday.

The petition is being promoted through a two-minute-plus video on YouTube and Heinz’s social channels, including Facebook and Twitter. They are sending the petition to Congress and giving all employees that day off.

With a little bit of creativity and luck, any brand can use video to make a splash on social media in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

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