Avoid These 5 Video Marketing Mistakes

Video marketing is here to stay…and grow by leaps and bounds this year. Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. And 96% of organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results to their ROI, according to a survey conducted by ReelSEO.

But, just because it’s increasingly important to have video content on your social media channels and website, it doesn’t diminish the need for that content to be of high quality. We’ve gathered up some of the common mistakes we see companies make in their video marketing, so you don’t make the same ones.

1. One Size Fits All
We understand that budgets are tight and that it can be more affordable to just create one video to use across all platforms. But one size doesn’t fit all. Unfortunately, most platforms require a unique length and style of video if you want to resonate with that particular audience. For example, social media content should be shareable and concise. However, a video on your website might be more product focused or perhaps an explainer video. There’s nothing wrong with having a concept that you use across all platforms as long as you find creative ways to restructure it for your different marketing needs.

2. Quantity Over Quality
Owning a typewriter doesn’t make you Hemingway. Yes, iPhones can take video. Yes, there are thousands of college film students who are willing to shoot and edit video for free. But, if you want to cut through the video clutter, you are far better off having a few polished videos created by a professional video production team. A well-produced video with a clear, strong message has more potential for “going viral”. If your budget is low, shop around for the right video production company instead of wasting your time and budget on low budget alternatives.

3. No Call To Action
Did you know including video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%? Before you shoot your video, have a plan as to what action you want your audience to take after watching the video. Options include subscribing to the channel, sharing your video, fill out a form and view a demo. You also need to make sure that your chosen CTAs are relevant to the video. And don’t include too many CTAs- it’s only going to irritate the viewer.

4. Making It Too Long
A good promotional videos need to be able to hook the audience within the first few seconds. Marketers have just 10 seconds to capture and engage an audience before they continue to scroll down or click away. If you have not fully engaged your audience after the first 30 seconds, you’ve likely lost 33% of viewers. And, after one minute, 45% of viewers have stopped watching. That’s why we suggest that your video length should be edited to less than 90 seconds- under 60 seconds if your video is aimed at a social media audience.

5. Not Promoting Your Video
Yes, we’ve all heard tales of those videos that go viral overnight. We’ve also heard about unicorns and leprechauns. We live in a pay to play world. Rather than gamble on your investment, you should consider promoting your video. Combining video with full page ads boost engagement by 22%. Unfortunately, 53 percent of businesses are struggling to advertise their video content effectively. There are also several free ways you can promote your video:

  • Optimize your landing page using keywords in the URL and meta discription
  • Write a summary about your video
  • Add social sharing buttons to help people promote it for you
  • Email your database about your video

Video marketing is a growing and powerful tool, but the space is highly saturated. These common mistakes are the difference between whether or not your video will be seen. Most of these errors can be easily avoided by proper planning and hiring a video production company. Remember, it’s about quality over quantity.