A Visit With Crews Control

Fulton, Maryland – When you’re in the business of providing corporate and broadcast clients the most talented freelance video crews around the world, you are staking your reputation on the work of others every single day.  That’s why when Crews Control needs a video crew in the Tri-State area, they know they can rely on DePalma Productions to get the job done right.


Crews Control’s careful screening process ensures that only crews meeting their exacting standards of quality, reliability and professionalism are referred to their ever-growing roster of producers  – and DePalma Productions has enjoyed being among that select group for more than 15 years.

Recently, DePalma Productions’ CEO, Robert DePalma, visited with Crews Control at their Maryland headquarters to express his appreciation for and dedication to an ongoing business relationship.  It was a great opportunity to discuss trends, technology, and strategies for continuing to not simply meet but exceed the expectations of both Crews Control and our mutual clients.