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3 Ways To Infuse Video Into Holidays

Holidays are an ideal opportunity to connect with your audience using video. However, holidays are also a time of marketing overload- especially on social media. That doesn’t mean you should avoid producing a video around the holidays. It just means you need to find a unique way to make it compelling, so that you cut through the clutter and captivate your audience. Conversely, you may want to focus on less popular, more obscure holidays that resonate with your audience. That way, you don’t need to compete for attention. Here’s a look at some of the successful holiday ideas we’ve collaborated on with clients. Hopefully they serve as inspiration for your next shoot.

Make A Positive Impact


When focusing on commemorative holidays like Black History Month, one must approach marketing delicately. If done wrong, a company can come across as glib and ignorant. However, if done effectively, you’ll be remembered as smart, sensitive, and thoughtful. We recently helped PepsiCo use video marketing to make a positive impact during Black History Month with #PepsiBeyondTheDream- it was a truly inspiring way to celebrate the achievements of black leaders within PepsiCo and worldwide. With the help of our crew and technology, PepsiCo did a LIVE stream their second annual African-American MOSAIC panel, which was hosted by Extra’s AJ Calloway. The event ended with a performance by hit singer Jidenna, which was a hit on social media.

Raise Money For A Cause

A powerful video can be both a catalyst for raising awareness, and money. Last November, we created a special Giving Tuesday video for HelpMeSee, an organization focused on bringing sight to hundreds of thousands in developing countries through their life-changing procedure. Our video transported viewers into the world of those who suffer from cataract blindness. Blindfolded participants attempted to manage everyday tasks to highlight the challenges of living with blindness. Throughout the video, viewers were subtly encourage to donate to the cause

Have A Golden Anniversary

Anniversaries are a great time for videos that reflect on the years past or show highlights of the big anniversary event. But, often, these videos can be redundant and sleepy. When doing an anniversary video, the goal should be to tell a compelling story. NYC’s famed Roosevelt Hotel recently celebrated their 90th Anniversary. Taking full advantage of our Steadicam capabilities, we captured every detail of the entire evening in fluid motion and then packaged it all into a two-minute jazz-infused segment. We also infused some of the historic images into the video. All of these elements together told a story of the evolution of The Roosevelt’s stunning beauty from its original ‘Roaring Twenties’ grandeur to modern day renovation.

If you seek to educate, inspire and entertain the world with no personal agenda, your holiday marketing videos will always succeed. And, remember, planning ahead is critical.