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Our dedication to the creation of compelling on-screen content has earned us the reputation of being a leading New York production company.



Whether we are working with Fortune 500 companies or local not-for-profit organizations, DePalma Productions employs many of the same work philosophies.


NYC is in our backyard.  If you need coverage of a particular red carpet event, opening, celebrity appearance or news conference, DePalma Productions is your team on the ground.


For more than two decades DePalma Productions has successfully delivered on the complex video needs of the health-care industry. 

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Recent Work


Raising Awareness Through Storytelling
The experts at K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital do an incredible job helping children recover quickly and giving parents the peace of mind they need during trying times. To highlight the amazing work of this hospital, we created two videos for their recent Superhero Soiree where they exceeded their goal and raised nearly $140,000. Through this donor support, they are able ...

Avoid These 5 Video Marketing Mistakes
Video marketing is here to stay…and grow by leaps and bounds this year. Every minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. And 96% of organizations use video in some capacity in their marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results to their ROI, according to a survey conducted by ReelSEO. But, just because it’s increasingly important to have ...
3 Ways To Infuse Video Into Holidays
Holidays are an ideal opportunity to connect with your audience using video. However, holidays are also a time of marketing overload- especially on social media. That doesn’t mean you should avoid producing a video around the holidays. It just means you need to find a unique way to make it compelling, so that you cut through the clutter and captivate ...


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