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Whether we are working with Fortune 500 companies or local not-for-profit organizations, DePalma Productions employs many of the same work philosophies.


NYC is in our backyard.  If you need coverage of a particular red carpet event, opening, celebrity appearance or news conference, DePalma Productions is your team on the ground.


For more than two decades DePalma Productions has successfully delivered on the complex video needs of the health-care industry. 

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The loss of a loved one is never easy. But, for children and teens, it can be particular devastating. That’s why Calvary Hospital hosts a bereavement camp each summer for 60 children and teenagers, ages 6-18. The camp helps the kids remember their loved ones, but teaches them to enjoy life at the same time. DePalma Productions’ crew visited Calvary’s ...

Improving Client Experience With Decimator MD-HX
We love gadgets, especially when they help us better communicate with our clients. The Decimator MD-HX is one of those invaluable tools that improve the client experience, makes our work more efficient and creates a better final product. So, what exactly is the Decimator MD-HX? This small, independent device has capabilities usually reserved for a computer controlled converter. The MD-HX ...

Celebrating The Selfless
At Iona College, “fight the good fight” and “move the world” are more than just slogans — they are words that the community lives by. That was shown to be true in July 2014, when Iona was one of the first schools to embrace the fundraising phenomenon, ALS’s Ice Bucket Challenge. The Ice Bucket Challenge was the brainchild of Iona ...


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